Amy Jo wears her vulnerability with pride….

As a teenager, discovering Taylor Swift and being blown away with how songs written thousands of miles away, in a different country, could feel like they were written for her was a life changing moment for Amy Jo.

 Amy Jo started writing her feelings down and learning the craft of lyrics. Singing about her own personal experiences in a conversational and confessional manner is what drives her song writing, in the hope that sharing her stories will be relatable. Amy does not shy away from topics, rather she finds new and interesting perspectives on relationships, life and growing up. She has a way of making the mundane seem like an event. Whether that’s bumping into someone in the street when you look a mess or talking about the latest fashion trends, Amy Jo has probably written a song about it! 

 Amy Jo has grabbed this by the throat and writes news songs every week. She has some incredible songs , many waiting to be recorded , released, and hopefully they will touch people in the way she has been hugely helped by other people’s songs.

 Amy Jo has always written alone , but recently has been co-writing and working with John Beck (Corinne Bailey Rae / Tasmin Archer ) , Tim Hutton ( Ian Brown etc ) , Julian Hinton ( Trevor Horn, Robbie Williams etc) Grant Black ( Van Morrison , Craig David etc )…building songs for her debut album , planned for release 2023.

 This year is looking good for Amy Jo. The first track from her forthcoming EP , a song called ‘Coming Close’ drops in few weeks’ time and good people are wanting to get involved, wanting to support Amy Jo, to get her music out there.

 The time is coming for the world to hear who this talented shy, country music-influenced girl from Morecambe Bay is, and she may just end up making the world sit up and listen!

 Is she cool ? Is she a star ? Is she going to make loads of money ?

 ….. Amy Jo is in her own lane , she has her own way of saying things…..She is just being….Amy Jo, you decide.