Amy Jo performs at the Old Laundry Theatre, Bowness 29/03/23

It’s Amy Jo here,

This week I had the pleasure of performing at a beautiful, intimate venue called The Old Laundry Theatre. Located in the scenic Lake District, there was plenty to see. However, I spent most of the day practicing, adjusting my set list and getting ready. I was more nervous than usual because I decided to bring my piano on stage with me, which I haven’t done for many, many years. It was a night of original music and I felt it would be a shame to restrict myself. So, I was very brave and brought out the piano. I even decorated it with sparkly fabric and fairy lights.

The show went astonishingly well.  I would even go to say that it was one of my favourites ever!! The audience were so receptive, and really engaged with my original music. I will definitely be bringing the piano out again. Why should it be contained to my little music room?

Check out some of the pics…