Amy Jo releases Caught Me On A Bad Day on Safe House Recordings on 2.06.23

Caught Me On A Bad Day, a country-folk rocker focusses in on a day when Amy Jo ventured outdoors “looking not so great” and ended up bumping into just about everyone she knew. ‘If only you’d seen me last Friday night/Red lipstick and a dress that fits just right’, she gently hollers – if anyone can gently holler, it’s Amy Jo – and one is reminded of the little things in life, the casual observations and quiet reflections that make up our days. Even the bad ones.

Bad Day, as well as the other three tracks on Amy Jo’s Songs From The Bay Ep, has been produced by Julian Hinton (Trevor Horn, Robbie Williams, Rumer) and Simon Bloor (Seal, Birdy, Will Heard).