Amy Jo supports Scouting For Girls at Blackpool Opera House


It’s Amy Jo again.

I wanted to tell you all about my gig with Scouting For Girls. Yes, you read that correctly!!

In aid of Cash 4 Kids, myself, Parka Monkeys, Kevin Davy White and SCOUTING FOR GIRLS played a show at the iconic and historic, Blackpool Opera House. Apart from the dodgy lift backstage, I had an incredible time (I hate lifts at the best of times, but this one seriously induced anxiety!).

Before the show, my guitarist and I hung out backstage. We ate the packets of crisps kindly waiting for us in the dressing room, we made some TikToks, and we signed some pictures. By the time we played the show, we were sufficiently warmed up, and my hair was crusty from all the hairspray!

I knew the venue would be packed out, but I didn’t expect it to be nearly full! It’s a huge venue, after all. I felt so tiny on that stage. I looked even smaller from the front!

I was so happy with our performance. I wasn’t nervous at all. I was SO excited to play on such a huge stage.

Afterwards, I met with LOADS of lovely people. We took pictures, discussed life, signed pictures, and generally had a great time. They followed my social media channels and I left feeling really appreciated. That was a great feeling!

Here’s some pics, and here’s to the next one!